Pure, aquatic art photography.

With my photography I am always looking for the most elegant, purest form of expression possible of the human body in an aquatic environment. I am highly inspired by impressionistic painters and try to incorporate qualities of their art into my work. Stark lighting and majestic underwater scenery are my favorite ingredients.

Having grown up on a sailing ship, I feel at home on and in the water. It is a completely natural environment for me, where I can combine my passion for art and freediving. I want to share the beauty of the underwater environment with the world, and enjoy capturing the human form in elegant and majestic ways in the aquatic medium.
With my background of art-education I can apply principals of the classic painters to my photography, and that way provide a level of beauty that is unrivaled. Not only that, but I am friendly, fun and easy going – working with me is a pleasurable experience where you not only gain beautiful images of yourself, but learn to be more comfortable in the water, perhaps dive deeper and get to know one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean.

Bachelor in Art/documentary Photography
Resume on request